Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Warwickshire College Tec Hub

Once upon a time libraries were serious, silent and austere places - good places for books and paper but not so good for creative collaboration and learning.

Through a set of contemporary innovations Warwickshire college have facilitated their libraries as lively, collaborative and creative spaces.

You can write on the walls, bring in refreshments and sit around the tables with friends and colleagues to chat, work and learn together.

Like many of the students, I found myself drawn to the bright red triangular collaboration pods with shared display screens.

I caught up with Learning technologist Chris Watson who described how the collaborative pods are used.

Students bring their own laptops and chrome books and sit together in groups of five or six. Students will often work together using collaborative on-line documents (usually Google apps) with one student with a device connected to the large screen and displaying the group work.

Warwickshire college libraries are "prototyping the library of the future today" - enjoyable spaces where information and knowledge can be accessed, shared and created!

Libraries are for life .... not just for learning!