Friday, December 18, 2015

Education: From Answers To Questions

Teach Meet Tech was a unique "education fusion" event bringing together 70 students, teachers, IT people & the public to talk about Education & technology.

These are my impressions

Information technology and its use has changed remarkably in the last decade - its now pervasive. Our students are used to communicating with and using information and communication technologies and systems that are cheaper, easier, more powerful and more personal than those generally made available for their use by the education system.

DIY Tech

Teach Meet Tech mixed contemporary technology ideas with leading edge innovative practice in education and the community - the ability to DIY what you want was a pervasive theme. We heard about DIY style tech startups; free DIY cloud based tools available to teachers; projects where students DIY their learning by teaching, how students wanted the education system to accommodate their DIY tech and why our networks should accommodate personal DIY tech.

From Answers To Questions

In the past access to information was limited -  the education system played an important role in delivering information to students and learning could be measured by their answers to questions about the specified content.

Today, access to information is unlimited but the education system is still focused on testing learners answers to questions about the content it delivers.

Teach Meet Tech was a fusion event rather than a fission event. Rather than reduce answers through experiments on a defined question it sought to synthesise questions through explorations of the undefined.

Teach Meet Tech raised more questions than answers .. this in itself suggests a different approach for education in an era of unlimited information.

Can we move to an education system where our learners ask the questions?

The students at Teach Meet Tech asked the questions .. can the education system give answers to these questions?

How can we better integrate technology in the curriculum?
How can we make better use of modern technology?
How can we make better use of learners personal technology and information environments?
How can we use social, community and discussion type assignments and assessments?

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