Friday, January 1, 2016

How to Change The UK Education System: Introduction

One approach to education system change is ...... education system change ...... the type of revolutionary system redesign like that taking place in Finland where they have significantly reduced testing, broken down subject boundaries and connected teaching and learning to topics and activities in the real world. The Fins want to "build a system with little red tape and a high impact"

“We insist that education must not settle for adapting to change, but also act as a driver. To raise brave, compassionate citizens capable of independent thought and bearing the responsibility for themselves and for others; curious people, capable of finding things out for themselves and assessing the reliability of whatever information they come across. People with a tolerance of uncertainty, the courage to implement their ideas in practice and even break a few rules, if necessary.”

The Finish approach may be possible in Finnish society but revolutionary change is unlikely to be possible in the UK ... it is likely that any change in the UK education system will have to be more incremental and evolutionary - a systems approach through adjustments to the system interfaces and its transaction costs and "currencies" or the development of a parallel form.

A systems approach to UK formal education views it as a interconnected set of parts driven, bound and controlled by a number of key interfaces and transactions - adjust the interfaces and transactions and you can change the behaviour of the system.

My natural thinking about the UK education system sees its problems as systemic - in a series of blogs titled "How to Change The UK Education System" I will explore various ideas about the education - from systems approaches through to informal "anarchic" parallel forms.

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