Saturday, May 28, 2016

Martin King Joins The Advisory Board Of GetReady4 3D

There has never been a more exciting time with technology and learning

In the mid 1970s micro-processors revolutionised computers and led to a cambrian like explosion of diverse small computing activity - I remember using Apple, Commodor, Atari, Sinclair and the BBC Micro.

Before micro-computing became the PC and became "politically correct" computing was diverse, exciting and creative - there was a DIY style maker culture about it - I remember making computers, micro-mouse competitions, LOGO Turtles and doing projects with small robot arms - I wrote the speech recognition software for a chess playing robot arm.

Today reminds me of that time 40 years ago but back then it was mostly one thing,  the micro-computer, today there are revolutions starting to happen with many technologies. Virtual reality, 3D printing, 360 imagery, 3D imagery, the Internet of Things, drones, robots and artificial intelligence are all developing very fast and becoming available to the general public. With the Internet, social media and mobile technology we have never been more connected - there has never been a more exciting time to learn.

3D printing is one of the revolutionary technologies happening now and is itself about to undergo a revolution as new developments and expiring patents usher in the next generation of 3D printing. In the next few years 3D printing is about to become cheaper, smaller, faster more capable, more accessible and more pervasive. 3D printing is about to have its "micro-computer revolution" and in the same way that the micro-computer revolution led to a computer in every home so will the 3D printing revolution.

Its my pleasure to join the advisory board of GetReady4 3D and be involved with such young, vibrant and enthusiastic company at the beginning of both their journey and the beginning of the next era in 3D printing.

GetReady4 3D inspire and share about 3D printing and are fast becoming the place to go for anyone to find out about 3D printing. GetReady4 3D curate 3D printing news, information and resource and have made their own 3D printer learning resources.

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