Thursday, November 17, 2016

Teach Meet Tech London 3

Teach Meet Tech 3 (#tmtl3) is the third inspireNshare Teach Meet Tech education and technology fusion event - unique TeachMeet x TechMeet events that bring together tech startups, students, teachers, IT people, schools, AE, FE, HE, 6th form colleges, libraries and the general public to talk about Education & technology.

Teach Meet Tech 3 is organised in association with CCS Libraries and the LMN and takes place on Thursday 15th December 2016 at Thornton Heath public library. 

The aim of Teach Meet Tech is to bring as many of the different parts of education together as possible and see what happens.

You can read about the latest education ideas or technologies or watch education and technology "rock star" presentations on-line on TED for example so physical events have to offer something unique and compelling for those people who take the time, effort and expense to transport their bodies to be present in person. For Teach Meet Tech 3 we wanted to start exploring the advantages of being present in person (pip) so we added an unconference experiment to facilitate and amplify those things you can best do (and maybe only do) if you are present in person. The afternoon unconference has hands on experiences, conversations and the type of interconnection and serendipity that can help catalyse innovation, creativity, change and adaptation.

The background theme for Teach Meet Tech 3 is very much about people. We start the morning conference with "Human in the Loop" - a presentation about the imperative to balance systems thinking with design thinking in education and technology. We finish the morning conference with  “Are we accessible yet?  Who’s responsibility is it?” a presentation by Hector Minto - Microsoft's senior technology evangelist for accessibility. The morning conference has its own share of serendipity with "Surprise!" ... a presentation by Miles Metcalf ... Miles is always deeply thought provoking and I can't wait to hear what he has to say ... like you ... I have no idea what it will be ... we'll have to be there to find out :)

The afternoon unconference has hands and heads on with virtual reality and augmented reality. We'll be talking about the potential of immersive first person perspectives, seeing ourselves in virtual reality and experiencing Microsoft's revolutionary Hololens technology! We have hands on with digital paper circuitry and conversations about learner voice and technology, using smartphones in teaching and learning, games, interactive fiction, making/makerspaces, creative techy stuff, bring drawings to life with digital paper circuitry and Mozfest.

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